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Medicina: Neuropsicologia cognitiva

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Attestation 3
Synonym of Therapist
Part of speech Noun phrase
Context Diagnostic assessments tend to elicit brief samplings of performance in many different areas and may not necessarily be of use to the speech clinician interested in a detailed exploration of a particular problem. When the evaluation is confined to performances on language and aphasia-related tasks, the diagnostic impression may either refer to the type of aphasia present (i.e.classification) or go beyond the description of the functional deficit and arrive at speculative conclusions about the nature and location of the underlying brain disorder itself (i.e., localization).
Context source Sarno 1991
Subject field Aphasia
Sub-field (level 1) Aphasiology
Sub-field (level 2) Cognitive neuropsychology
Sub-field (level 3) Lexical deficits rehabilitation

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