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Medicina: Neuropsicologia cognitiva

phonemic substitution error clicca per ingrandire
Attestation 3
Part of speech Noun phrase
Definition An error in which a word is distorted by substituting phonemic elements.
An error which can involve the production of words with irregular spelling patterns (e.g. ’write’ -» RIGHT) due to phoneme substitution, for example, teams -> /kimz/.
Definition source Loring D.W. 1999
Vista-Mead 2001
Context Lecours and Caplan (1975) levelled this criticism quite sharply. Had she made this distinction, she would have been obliged to mix syntagmatic and paradigmatic processes. Jakobson’s rather hard-line division between these types of computations perhaps prevented Blumstein from appreciating the problem. Another criticism is that some of the phonemic substitution errors (and especially the phonemic errors of the Broca’s group) could have been phonetic in their origin (Lectures and Caplan 1975: p. 243). Buckmgham (1979; 1986) and Buckingham and Yule (1987) provide more discussion of the practical and theoretical problem of a speaker’s phonetic aberration giving rise to the perception of a phonemic level substitution on the part of the hearer.
Context source Code 1989
Subject field Aphasia
Sub-field (level 1) Aphasiology
Sub-field (level 2) Cognitive neuropsychology
Clinical neuropsychology
Sub-field (level 3) Lexical deficits
Aphasic deficits
Generic concept Substitution error
it Errore di sostituzione fonologico
Reliability code 3

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