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Medicina: Neuropsicologia cognitiva

aphasiology clicca per ingrandire
Attestation 3
Part of speech Noun phrase
Grammatical label uncountable
Definition The investigation of aphasia-related disorders.
Definition source Vista-Mead 2001
Context Cognitive neuropsychology, as this approach has developed into, is having a major impact upon neuropsychology in general and aphasiology in particular and aphasiology may be currently working its way through a paradigm shift. Cognitive neuropsychology has developed as a result of experimental psychologists wishing to test and develop their information processing models of cognition on brain-damaged individuals. Major contributors to this development are working in North America, Japan and Europe, but the approach has had its major impact in the UK, where much of the early development took place.
Context source Code 1989
Subject field Aphasia
Sub-field (level 1) Aphasiology
Related concept Contralateral, Cerebral lateralization
it Afasiologia
Reliability code 3

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