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Diritto ed Informatica: Diritto Internet

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Definition On the Internet or other network, a computer or program that responds to commands from a client. For example, a file server may contain an archive of data or program files; when a client submits a request for a file, the server transfers a copy of the file to the client.
Definition source Dizionario di informatica Microsoft Press (CD)
Context In a number of Member States 8, legislation has been adopted or proposed defining the legal responsibilities of host service providers in such a way that they are only liable for an item of content hosted on their server where they can reasonably be expected to be aware that it is prima facie illegal or fail to take reasonable measures to remove such content once the content in question has been clearly drawn to their attention.
Context source (L)internet-EU
Subject field Information Technology
Comprehensive concept computer network
Related concept client (En)
it server (It)
Reliability code 3

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