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Diritto ed Informatica: Diritto Internet

mirroring clicca per ingrandire
Definition A technique in which all or part of a hard disk is duplicated onto one or more other hard disks, each of which ideally is attached to its own controller. With disk mirroring, any change made to the original disk is simultaneously made to the other disks, so that if the original disk becomes damaged or corrupted, the mirror disks will contain a current, undamaged collection of the data from the original disk.
Definition source Dizionario di informatica Microsoft Press (CD)
Context In a recent case, the German public prosecutors threatened to prosecute the German Internet access providers unless they blocked access to a magazine published on a Web site on a server in the Netherlands which allegedly promoted terrorist violence. Under protest, the access providers did so. However, this meant blocking access to all content on the Dutch server, including harmless content, while the document continues to be available to Internet users outside Germany. […] 12 At the latest count, the document is mirrored on 43 WWW sites and 2 newsgroups and is available from an e-mail listserver.
Context source (L)internet-EU
Subject field Information Technology
Comprehensive concept temporary reproduction < reproduction right
it mirroring
Reliability code 3

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