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Diritto ed Informatica: Diritto Internet

certification authority clicca per ingrandire
Acronym CA
Variant Certification Authority
Phraseology licensed certification authority
Definition [A]ny person who, or entity which, in the course of its business, engages in issuing [identity] certificates in relation to cryptographic keys used for the purposes of digital signatures.
Definition source (L)wp-79-UN
Context Certification Authorities - conforming to the procedural and technical standards which such licensing will confer - would be in a position to offer certificates to support electronic signatures reliable enough to be recognised as equivalent to written signatures; an essential ingredient of secure electronic commerce.
Context source (L)ana27p-UK
Synonym certificate authority
Subject field Internet Law
Related concept cyberspace identity, public key; cf. TTP
it Certification Authority
Reliability code 3
Note "Certificate Authorities (CAs) are TTPs who have been given licence to produce digital certificates authenticating digital signatures." (Jw)swin

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