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Diritto ed Informatica: Diritto Internet

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Phraseology proxy caching
Definition ´Caching´ is a generic term, which refers to the process of making an extra copy of a file or set of files for more convenient retrieval. On the Internet, caching occurs both on the user´s computer (transient RAM copies) and at server level (´proxy caching´).3 The creation of transient copies on the RAM memory of a computer has been dealt with in the context of software copyright law as an infringement, but since this is the way that computers work, it can be covered quite easily by the concept of ´fair dealing´.
Definition source (Jw)athanase
Context And finally, to fully appreciate the inchoate nature of Internet geography, it is important to consider the common Internet practice of "caching" copies of frequently accessed resources.[30] In order to better manage packet traffic, some Internet servers will store partial or complete duplicates of the materials from frequently accessed sites; keeping copies on hand alleviates the need to repeatedly request copies from the original server. An Internet user attempting to access the materials will never know the difference between the cached materials and the original.
Context source (Jv)vol1_art3
Subject field Information Technology
Comprehensive concept temporary reproduction < reproduction right
it caching
Reliability code 3

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