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Medicina: Neuropsicologia cognitiva

oral comprehension clicca per ingrandire
Attestation 3
Part of speech Noun phrase
Definition A task to assess the level of comprehension of the aphasic patient in which they are asked to respond to spoken commands, or to point to pictures of associated words or a semantically-related of spoken target words.
Definition source Vista-Mead 2001
Context Comprehension is typically tested in one of two ways: orally or in written form. Oral comprehension is tested either by asking subjects to respond to sentences that vary in syntax, or by presenting subjects with paragraph-length material and then asking them questions about if written comprehension, on the other hand, is tested by having subjects read sentences or paragraphs and then asking questions that require them to make inferences. Studies that use syntactic manipulation to test comprehension vary in their definition of syntactic complexity. Sentence structures that result in more response errors or slower reaction times are generally considered more complex than sentences that result in few errors or fast response times.
Context source Sarno 1991
Subject field Aphasia
Sub-field (level 1) Aphasiology
Sub-field (level 2) Cognitive neuropsychology
Clinical neuropsychology
Sub-field (level 3) Diagnosis-Neuropsychological test battery
Generic concept Tasks to assess comprehension disorders
Specific concept Spoken commands, Pointing to a picture of an associated word, Pointing to a semantically-related picture of a spoken target word
Related concept Reading comprehension, Token test
it Comprensione orale
Reliability code 3

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