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Medicina: Neuropsicologia cognitiva

pure agraphia clicca per ingrandire
Attestation 3
Part of speech Noun phrase
Definition An acquired difficulty in writing or spelling.
An acquired difficulty in writing or spelling. Agraphia typically results from superior parietal lobe or the second frontal gyrus of the language-dominant hemisphere.
Definition source Loring W.D. 1999
Loring W.D. 1999
Context Other investigators support a parietal locus (Kinsbourne & Rosenfeld, 1974), whereas a number accept a frontal and posterior localization and maintain that there are two forms of the defect, one a grapheme selection disorder and the other a spatiotemporal disorganization specific to writing (Dubois, Hecaen, & Marcie, 1969). The demonstrated existence of cases of pure agraphia, as well as, dissociations between severity of written and spoken language, argues for a functional autonomy between written and oral codes (Marcie & Hecaen, 1979). This is further supported by the less frequent association-of writing disorders with deficits in oral language in left-handers. Rosati and De Bastiani (1979) considered the pure agraphia in them; patient having a vascular lesion in the language zone (perisylvian region of the left hemisphere) to represent a discrete form of aphasia.
Context source Sarno 1991
Synonym Isolated agraphia
Subject field Aphasia
Sub-field (level 1) Aphasiology
Sub-field (level 2) Clinical neuropsychology
Sub-field (level 3) Aphasic syndromes
Generic concept Pure form
Related concept Pure alexia, Alexia with agraphia, Pure word deafness, Anarthria
it Agrafia pura
Reliability code 3

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