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Diritto ed Informatica: Diritto Internet

original work clicca per ingrandire
Full form original work of authorship
Phraseology protection for original works
Definition Copyright law protects "original works of authorship." Sheer hard work alone will not suffices 3 - a modicum of creativity is required. 4 The work does not have to be the first of its kind, or novel - it just has to be the independent product of the author, not copied from another source. […] In no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or embodied in such work. […] Copyright is held by an author upon a work´s creation and "fixation" in tangible form, so that it can be perceived directly or with the aid of a machine or other device.
Definition source (B)rosenoer1
Context [T]he scope of copyright in such digitised works is a matter of some dispute. To qualify for copyright, the material must be an original work of authorship, fixed for more than transitory duration in a tangible medium of expression. These qualifications for copyright protection, which were developed in the world of print media, do not always map well onto the world of digital media, particularly in a networked environment.
Context source (Jw)burk
Subject field Law
Comprehensive concept intellectual property > distinctive marks > domain name, trademark, on-line dispute resolution
Related concept authorship, digital work
it opera dell´ingegno
Reliability code 3

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