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Diritto ed Informatica: Diritto Internet

clipper chip clicca per ingrandire
Abbreviation Clipper
Phraseology Clipper (Chip) proposal
Definition [A] form of ´hardware´ encryption via a chip [...] to which the authorities would be able to obtain the key (and so could decrypt at will).The original Clipper proposal [...] would have meant that every single modem, telephone, fax machine or other piece of communications equipment manufactured or sold in the United States would have had to carry a Clipper chip, to which the US authorities would have had easy access via their ´back door key.´
Definition source (Jw)akdeniz2
Context In the United States, enormous controversy followed proposals to introduce a mandatory new system of encryption, the Escrowed Encryption Standard, more commonly referred to as the "Clipper Chip". The attraction of this system was that any form of digitised data would be encrypted in such a way as to ensure a high level of security. The less welcome aspect of the system was that its structure would enable ´keys´ to be made available to government agencies so that they could readily decipher messages in the name of national security.
Context source (B)edwards,waelde8
Subject field Information Technology
Related concept RSA, DES
it clipper chip
Reliability code 3

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