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Diritto ed Informatica: Diritto Internet

cracker clicca per ingrandire
Definition A person who overcomes the security measures of a computer system and gains unauthorized access. The goal of some crackers is to obtain information illegally from a computer system or use computer resources. However, the goal of the majority is to merely break into the system. See also hacker.
Definition source Dizionario di informatica Microsoft Press (CD)
Context If enough providers respond this way, bulk commercial e-mailers will have nowhere to go for service. Any provider who provides service to such entities will effectively find itself cut off from the network. However, it is not an elegant solution. It is one that is being put into effect now, along with "cracker" attempts to take out systems belonging to bulk e-mailers and those who provide them with service.
Context source (Jc)Spam2
Quasi-synonym hacker
Subject field Internet Law
Related concept hacking (En)
it cracker (cf. cracking)

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