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Medicina: Nefrologia: Dialisi

chronic renal failure clicca per ingrandire
Attestation 3
Part of speech Noun phrase
Grammatical label Countable
Variant CRF (acronym)
Definition The term Chronic renal failure (CRF) is traditionally used to describe renal insufficiency that develops over months or years
CRF is permanent, usually progressive, diminution in renal function to a degree that has damaging consequences for the patient. This occurs when glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is reduced by at least 50 mL/min.
Definition source Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology
Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology
Context Healthy volunteers and patients with chronic renal failure showed no statistical differences in concentration of TNF-alpha and IL-6 before and after whole blood stimulation (WBS)
Context source American Society of Nephrology (ingl 5)
Subject field Nephrology
Generic concept Renal Failure
Coordinate concept Acute renal failure
it Insufficienza renale cronica
Reliability code 3

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