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Diritto ed Informatica: Diritto Internet

communication protocol clicca per ingrandire
Definition A set of rules or standards designed to enable computers to connect with one another and to exchange information with as little error as possible. The protocol generally accepted for standardizing overall computer communications is a seven-layer set of hardware and software guidelines known as the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model. A somewhat different standard, widely used before the OSI model was developed, is IBM´s SNA (Systems Network Architecture). The word protocol is often used, sometimes confusingly, in reference to a multitude of standards affecting different aspects of communication, such as file transfer (for example, XMODEM and ZMODEM), handshaking (for example, XON/XOFF), and network transmissions (for example, CSMA/CD).
Definition source Dizionario di informatica Microsoft Press (CD)
Context The information is sent by a ´packet switching´ communication system of communication protocols which allow individual messages to be subdivided into smaller packets and then travel independently to the destination [...] These packets, which may have travelled independently from different sites are then reassembled by the receiving computer.
Context source (Jw)connolly
Subject field Information Technology
Partitive concept TCP/IP protocol
Related concept electronic communication
it protocollo di comunicazione
Reliability code 3

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